Weekly Update - 10/2/2022

Sunday's Sermon: Rabbit-Foot Theology

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 4:1-11

Sermon Synopsis: How do we view God? As the Creator who made us? The Redeemer who purchased us? The King who rules us? The Father who loves us? Or have we turned God into a divine means-to-an-end, a kind of heavenly good-luck charm, or cosmic vending machine? In 1 Samuel 4, Israel commits such a folly and the record serves as a warning to God's people today.

Upcoming Bible Studies: 

  • This Sunday, October 2nd, David: A Man After God's Heart - Lesson 5: Desperation (1 Samuel 21:1-22:5)
  • This Wednesday, October 5th, Colossians: Everyone Mature in Christ - Lesson 5: Paul's Ministry in Christ (Colossians 1:24-2:5)