Adult Classes

Adult Classes

March to May

Sunday mornings at 9:30 -

Building Biblical Marriages

This class will combine a survey of relevant biblical passages and some topics where biblical principles where will be applied.

Class plan: 

  • Foundations for marriage – Genesis    
    •         God’s plan
    •         Human needs
    •         Male/Female design
    •         Independence and unity
  •  Jesus’ instructions – Gospels
    •         Permanence of marriage
    •         The sin of divorce
  • Wisdom for marriage – Proverbs            
    •         Blessings of a mate
    •         Blessings of intimacy
    •         Faithfulness and the curse of adultery
    •         Money management
  • Walking with Christ and Living ith a Spouse – Ephesians, Colossians,    I Corinthians, I Peter
  • Challenges and Blessings
    •         Communication and Solving Conflicts
    •         Raising children
    •         In laws
  • God's Solutions vs. Man's Solutions for Marriage    

    Wednesday evenings at 7:30 -

    Ruth, Esther, and the Providence of God

    This is a study of two remarkable women whom God used at very critical times. These Old Testament books provide much insight as to what God's providence is and how it works.