Are Your Ears On?

Are Your Ears On?

Are Your Ears On?


 “He who has ears to hear,

let him hear!”

Matthew 11:15


Antennas perform a quiet, subtle but very valuable service.  They pick up signals right out of thin air.  Those signals are there whether we detect them or not.  Antennas are designed in such a way to be in tune to cell phone, radio, or other types of signals flashing through the air.  Are you in tune to the teaching of God?


In Matthew 11:15 and many other places Jesus made an observation as well as an invitation regarding His teaching.  If someone wanted to listen to Him, they should listen.  Jesus knew there were some who would heed what He was saying while others would not.


What causes some to listen to God’s word while others shut down their ears?

Spiritual interest.  Jesus’ parables not only illustrated His kingdom but also weeded out those who were not earnest seekers of God (Matthew 13:13).  For those who are selfishly focused, materially obsessed, and ambitious for earthly things, they have neither the time nor inclination to hear God out.  The Bible is understandable but it does take work.  Only those willing to make the effort will hear what God is saying.  Only those who value God, their soul, and eternity will tune in.

An open-mind.  There is a basic truth that every human must embrace - we are not God and thus, we do not think like God.   Therefore, we must be willing to open our minds to see things God’s way.  This is why Bible teaching seems outdated, irrelevant, too strict, too liberal, or foolish.  The Scriptures by their very nature are a revelation.  This means that we should expect to see surprising things in them and things that do not make sense to us.  

Humility. The Scriptures also convict us.  When we respond to God’s teaching with anger, resentment, and defensiveness it is a sign of pride.  It proves we do not want anyone, even God, telling us what to do.   Jesus taught, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3).